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Meet Helen Reddy the miraculously recovered hen


This is darling and petite Hellen Reddy the hen. She was sicker than a dog this week for about 4 days – tail down, hunkered down, neck scrunched down and feathers fluffed making her appear ‘fat’ but she’s kind of tiny and during this time was kind of skin and bones. I didn’t know what […]

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Bite wound day 17 – healing successful!!

Dog wound healed by homeopathic therapy

Day 17 and the wound is closed. Did it heal quicker through homeopathy? It’s debateable. I believe it was but perhaps more importantly it healed without complications. I do know that It was more convenient, more gentle, less expensive, and it took effect immediately – i.e. she went from shaken and trembling to completely relaxed […]

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Update: Pet care at home – Pebbles’s bite wound day 12

Dog wound healed by homeopathic therapy

Pebbles’s bite wound has come along nicely. On day 5 last week – Fri – I was concerned that it needed more care – i.e. to have the area shaved and anti-biotic ointment (my nemesis!! LOL JK) applied and covered with a bandage. It was very tender to the touch so I called the Mobile […]

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Burns ouch!!

Burn healed by homeopathic therapy

Hi there!! Today I splashed boiling hot oil on my hand. It hurt very badly. My homeo friends will appreciate this as we have discussed this theory in the case of burns:  I actually tried putting hot water on it to test the like cures like thing. My daughter testifies that when one has a sunburn if […]

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Gentle, affordable, pet care at home

4th day of a healing bite wound Time for another exciting testimony from the world of homeopathic vet care!! On Sunday my senior dog Pebbles suffered a nasty bite wound on her back/rump area in a row with another dog. She was trembling and had obvious pain at the site. One at a time – 15 […]

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herb image

This is an indispensable remedy for fright and shock and conditions that come on suddenly, often after midnight and after exposure to cold, dry wind. It’s great when something traumatic causes one to feel shaken up and fearful. I have taken after a death in the family and it did wonders. It’s featured in next […]

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Homeopathy is useful in every area of life

  Homeopathy touches everything in life in some way. When you cut your finger, when your dog is depressed, when your child has a cold or when you have anxiety or other emotional challenges – these and many many other common ailments are all treatable by homeopathy. It colors my whole world. I hope you will […]

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