Burns ouch!!


Hi there!! Today I splashed boiling hot oil on my hand. It hurt very badly. My homeo friends will appreciate this as we have discussed this theory in the case of burns:  I actually tried putting hot water on it to test the like cures like thing. My daughter testifies that when one has a sunburn if they take a hot shower the burning stops. Well the pain diminished slightly and you traditionalists will be relieved that my daughter proceeded to apply a cloth and ice bag on it.

It still hurt like hell so I took consulted my homeopathic first aid book – will post about my sources later or just contact me for a quicker response. I took Causticum 30 c for 3rd degree burn even though I don’t think that it will be that severe. I have had great success with Causticum is why.

Well the pain went down to 0 almost instantly. It is currently sensitive and sore, like any injury would be but it’s not hurting like hell and it’s very manageable.I followed up with a squirt of hypericum (for external use only but at this point there was no open wound).  I LOVE HOMEOPATHY. It’s like Jesus. How does anyone do without it????