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4th day of a healing bite wound

Time for another exciting testimony from the world of homeopathic vet care!! On Sunday my senior dog Pebbles suffered a nasty bite wound on her back/rump area in a row with another dog.

She was trembling and had obvious pain at the site. One at a time Р15 minutes apart I gave her (all 30 c potencies which are used in first aid and acute care and are carried by Mount Hope) Aconite for trembling and fright; Arnica for shock, trauma, bleeding (which was not excessive although it would work for excessive bleeding) and bruising; Ledum for puncture wounds; and Hypericum for nerve damage and pain.

She relaxed and seemed quite fine. I determined it was not appropriate to have the wound sutured because for one thing it was a little bit deep and would likely need to drain before closing on its own and it was also a little rough and jagged so not easily sutured.

On Monday the wound began to ooze. I soaked it with a nice wound care treatment called Vetrycin.

On Tuesday it was kind of gnarly looking, continuing to ooze and smelled like – ewwww – rotting meat. But that is an excellent symptom!!! It calls for the remedy Pyrogenium which I gave her 2 doses in 6 c potency which is what I had on hand and is good for physical conditions like wounds.

I just bathed the wound today and here is a pic – I am thrilled that it is closing, scabbing, and pinking up!!! I believe the worst is over and she is on her way to full recovery!!!

I love HOMEOPATHY for at home, gentle, effective and affordable first aid vet care!!!!