Meet Helen Reddy the miraculously recovered hen


This is darling and petite Hellen Reddy the hen. She was sicker than a dog this week for about 4 days – tail down, hunkered down, neck scrunched down and feathers fluffed making her appear ‘fat’ but she’s kind of tiny and during this time was kind of skin and bones. I didn’t know what was wrong – I checked her for a blocked ovaduct and she was fine. I just gave her China (cinchona officianlis on the label) 30c a day ago¬†– I ADORE this remedy it was very effective for Tony Williams. She still looked pitiful yesterday and I was heading down to give her another dose today and she is as right as rain – tail HIGH and proud and she’s clucking and plucking and eating away like nothing ever happened. Thank you Jesus!!!