Update: Pet care at home – Pebbles’s bite wound day 12


Pebbles’s bite wound has come along nicely. On day 5 last week – Fri – I was concerned that it needed more care – i.e. to have the area shaved and anti-biotic ointment (my nemesis!! LOL JK) applied and covered with a bandage. It was very tender to the touch so I called the Mobile Vet Monica Mongini. But it was Memorial Day weekend!! Another very nice vet followed up from Cornville but by then it was the weekend and it was a busy one so I just monitored the wound. I just kept ‘combing’ the hair away from the wound and washing with diluted epsom salt – 2 t to 2 cups warm water raising it to room temp before pouring it over along with the running hose outside.

Well it’s now day 12 and it’s healing up very nicely in my opinion!! I think the worst is behind us!! For the remedies we used please see the original blog entry about this!! Sorry for the blurry photo!!