My Patients Actual Results

My Patients Actual Results: UTI

Female patient presenting with UTI – pain level as high as 7. After 1 1/2 hours to get the case down and find a remedy the pain dropped to 5 at the 2 hour mark. Pain dropped to 1 at the 3 hour mark. Next morning case resolved pain at 0.

My Patients Actual Results: Hives

“Poor dear woke up Friday covered in hives from an allergic reaction – to what is unknown.

We have had a rough few days with him,  started itching and being very dramatic and needy. 

Betsy Williams messaged me and told me what remedy to get from mount hope and to start it right away.

In a few short hours this is how our boy looks now!!!”

My Patients Actual Results: Post Covid hair tangling and fall out

Adult female patient losing clumps of hair daily. 

“By the second day, my hair wasn’t tangling anymore. My today (day 3) as I was waiting at the salon for a haircut, I did the 30 second remedy. When she was doing  my hair and combed it, I was shedding lots. After the cut as she was styling NO HAIR!  She kept showing me the brush she used for 20 minutes. Not one hair!  It just stopped after the third day. Amazing.” 

My Patients Actual Results: Young boy with RSV

Young boy with RSV – cough down within 30 minutes after remedy to comfortably sleeping and no more vomiting.

o2 stats are back in the 98-99 range. 

Fever went from 102 to 98.4 and he is actually wanting to eat a little today! 

Huge difference than yesterday! 

“I’d definitely reach out to Betsy if you’re littles are having any issues with this sickness! She’s amazing!”